Vantage Pharma, Biotech & Medtech 2019 in Review


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2019 was a standout year for biopharma, anchored by strong fourth quarter markets and dealmaking.

Following a difficult end to 2018, the biopharma industry recovered impressively to achieve an excellent 2019. A fourth-quarter surge on the stock markets meant that many companies ended the year on a high note, as investors flocked to drug developers of all sizes.

For medtech, the rises seen in big- and mid-cap share prices outpaced even the best in biopharma. However, medtech experienced a very different Q4, with IPO numbers declining and fewer FDA approvals, making it a mixed year for the sector.

Download your copy of Vantage Pharma, Biotech & Medtech 2019 in Review to understand which areas are thriving and which are struggling, as well as what this means for 2020.

Report Highlights

Several major biopharma companies achieved double-digit share price growth, with AstraZeneca leading due to a 31% increase
Drug makers spent $217bn on M&A deals, while biotech IPOs raised an average of $88m
Venture capital investments in biopharma total $13.9bn across 396 rounds, the second highest total over the past five years
Total medtech M&A value grew 71% from the previous year to $49.5bn, though the amount of deals continued to decline
Venture capital investment in private medtech companies reached almost $5bn, but deal numbers declined for the sixth year in a row.







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