Vantage ESC 2019 roundup



Medicines Company impresses with inclisiran

2 September

With decent efficacy and clean safety in the Orion-11 trial, questions now turn to pricing and whether The Medicines Company will be taken out.


Trial failure leaves Cellaegis in limbo

1 September

Before today’s trial readout no one was sure how remote ischaemic conditioning worked; now the investigators are pretty certain that it doesn’t.


Astra’s latest Brilinta hopes bleed out on full Themis data

1 September

An increased risk of bleeding outweighs Brilinta’s benefits in a primary prevention population, but there might be a way forward in a patient subgroup.


Novartis sees reasons to push on post-Paragon

1 September

With a narrow primary endpoint miss and a 15% decrease in hospitalisations, Novartis is adamant that Entresto can get approved in HFpEF.


Farxiga looks DAPA outside diabetes

1 September

With strong data in hand Astrazeneca now needs to get cardiologists on board, and stay ahead of Lilly and Boehringer.


ESC preview – Medicines Company hopes for a starring role

19 August

Novartis has been reduced to a Paragon data dredge, but results with The Medicines Company’s inclisiran, Astrazeneca’s Brilinta and Cellaegis’ AutoRIC device should pique interest.




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