New Biktarvy spot puts Gilead in top TV-spending ranks, right behind AbbVie and Pfizer

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April was an impressive show of pharma TV ad strength even for long-standing top spender Humira. The AbbVie immunology med and megablockbuster topped the list in a big way this month with more than $45 million in national TV buys, according to data from real-time TV ad tracker

That’s up from $31.5 million in March, an increase of 45%. Pfizer’s Xeljanz remained in second place for the third month in a row with $25.8 million in spending, and Gilead Sciences joined in the top 3 with $18.2 million.

But back to Humira, which is suffering under biosimilar assault in Europe. Executives warned in January that sales losses outside the U.S. could amount to $2 billion this year. And as analysts rework their forecast to account for the earlier-than-expected decline, AbbVie’s going all out with its promotions in the U.S., where the med won’t face biosimilars till 2023. Humira’s global sales topped $20 billion last year, with $13.6 billion of that revenue coming from the U.S.

Meanwhile, Gilead is working to counter big losses in hepatitis C with new HIV pills, and one of its recent launches has hit the airwaves in a big way. Brand-new to the list this month is Gilead’s Biktarvy on the strength of its first big TV push after its February 2018 approval. The three-drug combo pill has already hit blockbuster status, racking up $1.18 billion in its first not-quite-full year of sales.

Meanwhile, Sunovion’s Latuda, Pfizer and Bristol Myers-Squibb’s Eliquis and Eli Lilly’s Taltz all rejoined the list in April. Overall, pharma TV ad spending among the top 10 stayed about the same month over month with a total of $168 million spent, down just slightly from $169 million in March.

1. Humira
Movement: Stayed same
What is it? AbbVie anti-inflammatory drug
Total estimated spending: $45.7 million (up from $$31.5 million in March)
Number of spots: 12 (Six for arthritis, four for ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s disease, two for psoriasis)
Biggest-ticket ad: “Not Always Where I Needed to Be (est. $10.3 million)

A rock star’s frequent bathroom breaks keep her audience waiting at concerts and frustrate her band while they’re playing in the recording studio. After consulting her doctor, she decides to try HUMIRA to relieve her Crohn’s disease symptoms and get her back on the stage where she belongs.

2. Xeljanz
Movement: Stayed same
What is it? Pfizer oral rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis med
Total estimated spending: $25.8 million (down from $26.2 million in March)
Number of spots: Six
Biggest-ticket ad: “A Different Direction” (est. $12.6 million)

XELJANZ is a prescribed medication that is intended to treat those with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis when taken regularly as ordered.

3. Biktarvy
Movement: Not on list last month
What is it? Gilead Sciences HIV 3-in-1 combo med
Total estimated spending: $18.2 million
Number of spots: One
Biggest-ticket ad: “Keep Being You”

A man ponders what he would say to someone living with HIV and concludes that he would tell them to just keep being themselves. BIKTARVY is meant to treat HIV in certain adults and may help you get to undetectable levels of the virus.

4. Emgality
Movement: Stayed same
What is it? Eli Lilly anti-CGRP migraine treatment
Total estimated spending: $15.1 million (down from $16.7 million in March)
Number of spots: One
Biggest-ticket ad: “Pirates”

Emgality is a prescribed medical injection that is used as a preventive treatment for adults who suffer from migraines.

5. Latuda
Movement: Not on list last month
What is it? Sunovion Pharmaceutical antipsychotic
Total estimated spending: $12.9 million
Number of spots: One
Biggest-ticket ad: “Lauren’s Story”

Latuda is a prescribed medication intended to help those who are struggling with bipolar depression when taken regularly as ordered.

6. Eliquis
Movement: Not on list last month
What is it? Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb next-generation anticoagulant
Total estimated spending: $11.3 million
Number of spots: Three
Biggest-ticket ad: “Around the Corner” (est. $5.2 million)

After a woman has a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, she worries that another one may be around the corner. She protects herself with ELIQUIS, which has been proven to treat and prevent DVT blood clots while causing less major bleeding than LOVENOX followed by warfarin.

7. Trulicity
Movement: Moved down from No. 6
What is it? Eli Lilly GLP-1 diabetes drug
Total estimated spending: $10.7 million (down from $13.5 million in March)
Number of spots: Six
Biggest-ticket ad: “I Can Do More: Wedding Planner” (est. $9.7 million)

Trulicity is a prescribed weekly injection pen that is intended to help improve blood sugar levels for those with Type-2 diabetes when paired with exercise and dieting.

8. Taltz
Movement: Not on list last month
What is it? Eli Lilly next-generation psoriasis treatment
Total estimated spending: $10.6 million
Number of spots: Four
Biggest-ticket ad: “Moving” (est. $3.8 million)

As a father gets moving to spend time with his kids, Taltz is claimed to provide relief for those who suffer from psoriatic arthritis when taken regularly as ordered.

9. Ozempic
Movement: Moved up from No. 10
What is it? Novo Nordisk GLP-1 diabetes med
Total estimated spending: $9.1 million (down from $10.3 million in March)
Number of spots: One
Biggest-ticket ad: “Arcade: Oh, Oh, Oh, Ozempic”

Ozempic is a weekly prescribed medical injection that is intended to treat adults who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

10. Otezla
Movement: Moved down from No. 9
What is it? Celgene’s oral treatment for plaque psoriasis
Total estimated spending: $12.4 million (down from $9.5 million in March)
Number of spots: One
Biggest-ticket ad: “Summer Days”

(Ad not available on iSpot at the request of Celgene.)





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